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YouTube thumbnail (custom thumbnail) Recommended size is “1280×720”!

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Recommended thumbnail size

Yes. So, the answer came out suddenly, so it’s okay if you close the page here …

The recommended size of YouTube thumbnails (custom thumbnails) is …


It is.

Add video thumbnails –YouTube Help –Google Support

  • Resolution: 1280×720 (minimum width is 640 pixels)
  • Image file formats to upload: JPG, GIF, GMP, PNG
  • Image size: 2 MB or less
  • Aspect ratio: Use 16: 9 whenever possible (because it’s most often used in YouTube players and previews)

Thank you very much. solved.


That’s it for the story, but let’s make thumbnails.

Try making a YouTube thumbnail

Let’s make a thumbnail image because it’s a big deal.

Since the size of the template “Web” of Illustrator is close, select it and

Adjust the height.

After that, if you create it with various ideas, it will be completed.

YouTube thumbnail settings

Select “Upload thumbnail”.

It’s done!


You can set custom thumbnails like this!

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