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How to set a password on a USB memory or external HDD so that only you can see the files inside

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Recently, it has become possible to purchase external USB memory and external HDD (SSD) at a low price, but if they are lost or misplaced somewhere, it can be a serious problem.

We will show you how to encrypt the data on the external HDD (SSD) and set a password.


I definitely want to know! !!

I can think of several ways.

It is installed as standard on Windows 10 (Pro) and above.

“BitLocker To Go”

A function that can encrypt USB memory and external HDD has been introduced.
(Windows Vista or later).

If you are using Windows Pro or later, it may be better to use BitLocker To Go.

How to set BitLocker

Control Panel> System and Security> “Enable BitLocker” (not in Home)

When you right-click on the drive, “Enable BitLocker” will be displayed, so make the settings.

Now, the password will be applied to the external HDD, and you will not be able to see the inside unless you enter the password.


For MacOS, you can use a method called “Disk Utility” to encrypt your storage.

MacOS is going to be a bit long, so I’ll summarize it in another article!
Note that if you encrypt a partition on MacOS, the encrypted partition can only be opened on MacOS.


In the case of Home edition, BitLocker To Go cannot be used (or rather, password cannot be set), so I think that you may choose to install and use “security software” separately on your computer.


We recommend that you use a password to encrypt the USB memory or HDD that you carry outside! !!

However, if you have a simple password, it will be easy to unlock it, and if you forget your password, you will never be able to use it again, so try it at your own risk!

Handle with care.

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