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How to open a JWW file with the extension | JW-CAD drawing file

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JWW file (extension)

This is the extension of the drawing file of JW-CAD (CAD software).

I have an extension that I have never seen.

It’s okay. There is a way to open it.

It cannot be opened as it is, so install jw_cad.

jw_cad installation


Click Download to download the installation file, so execute it to proceed with the installation.

The installation is complete.

When you try to open JWW, you will be asked how to open it, so select jw_cad.

The extension has been associated.

It was opened!

How to convert to PDF?

There seems to be no PDF conversion function in the standard
Printing> PDF software
I think that it will be a method of converting with.

As you can see, there seems to be no image output.
PDF> image output
Or I think that it can be handled by a method such as “screenshot directly on the screen”.

I managed to open it!

It was good.

Please refer.

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