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[Premiere Pro] How to change the initial value of the number of seconds (frames) when putting an image in the timeline

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When I put an image in the timeline in Premiere Pro, the playback time is 5:00 seconds (4:29 seconds).

This is a method to change the initial value of the number of seconds.


Edit> Preferences> Timeline


Default duration for still images

“Default duration of still image” is the initial value number of seconds when a clip is inserted in the timeline, so you can change this.

The initial value of the number of seconds has changed!

Attention ① Time changes depending on the frame rate

If the frame rate of the sequence is 29.97FPS, it will be 2:29 instead of “just 3 seconds”.

There is no time of 02; 30, and the next frame will be 03; 00.

If the frame rate is 60 fps, it will be 03; 00.

Please note that the time will change depending on the frame rate set in the sequence!

If you want to make it just 03; 00, you need to increase the frame rate to 60fps (see another article for the frame rate).

Note (2) The time of the image already captured does not change.

The default time for images captured from the beginning does not change. The time of the clip (material) imported after changing the setting will change.

If you want to change the initial value, you need to delete it and then import it again.

Alternatively, right-click the clip in the project panel → Speed ​​/ Duration

Changed to 03; 00

Or set out in the source panel (03; 00)

Drag and drop directly from the Source Monitor panel onto the timeline

You can also set the initial value (playback seconds) of the image to 03; 00!

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