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What is Omnichannel? ] Sales strategy to grow business by centrally managing multiple channels and coordinating with each other

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What is Omnichannel?

Establish a sales strategy by centrally managing multiple channels (sales channels) such as “EC (mail order) site”, “own site (own media)”, “retail store (real store)”, and “mass retailer (real store)” , The strategy to improve business performance and grow the business by coordinating with each other is called “Omnichannel”.

Omnichannel is an evolution of “multi-channel” sales that utilizes multiple sales channels, and is an attempt to melt the boundary between the real and the Internet. (Wikipedia)

What is Omni?

Omni is a Latin word that means “everything.”

Difference from multi-channel

Generally speaking, “multi-channel” means “increasing the number of channels, expanding them from multiple angles, and increasing the number of routes”, but “omni-channel” means “centralized management of all created channels.” There is a difference that “mutual cooperation leads to sales”.

This is why it is said to be an evolutionary system of “multi-channel”.


Integrate brand image

For example, you can “integrate the brand image” by using the “brand logo”. The reason why logos are used in companies and services is that there is this omni-channel.

Brand image integration

Information consistency

For example, it is said that the probability of purchasing a product is increased by “consistency of information” such as checking the product seen in the “real store” → checking the product information on the blog → comparing and purchasing on the EC site. Is also one of the omni-channel strategies.

Information consistency


By utilizing omni-channel, you will be able to “eliminate lost sales opportunities,” “improve customer awareness of products and services,” and “improve brand and product understanding.”

Considering the changes in the world, I think it is essential to utilize WEB services and WEB media. We hope that you will try the owned media of products and services.


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