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How to change the standard extension .heic for photos taken with iPhone to a .jpg file

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.HEIC extension

From iOS11, it seems that the standard extension of photos has changed to the extension “.HEIC”.

This .heic is a new extension standard adopted in iOS 11 and later. Abbreviation for “High Efficiency Image File Format”.

It seems that this .heic can be saved without deterioration with half the capacity of the conventional storage format, but …

When I try to view the file on a windows PC,I’m in trouble … ^^;

I can’t see … (^^;

So let’s change the standard extension of photos taken with this iPhone from “.heic” to “.jpg”.

Settings> Camera


Camera> Format

Change from high efficiency to “compatibility priority”

Images taken with the iPhone will now be standard jpg files!

It would be nice if windows could support this “.HEIC” extension as soon as possible, but when will it be …

For the time being, it may be safer to set the standard extension to “.jpg”.

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