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[How to open extension ai file for free] Inkscape / GIMP / PDF / Google Drive

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Since the file with “extension ai” is a format exclusively for Adobe Illustrator, it cannot be opened and the contents cannot be confirmed unless Illustrator is installed.

However, you can check the contents by using a free tool!

I want to know how to open an ai file …!

You can open ai files using several methods.

Open with “Inkscape”

You can open it with the free software “Inkscape”.

Inkscape can handle “vector images”, so you can edit it as it is!

I’m grateful that I can edit it for free! !!

Even if it is compatible, the layers etc. may be strange when opened, so be careful when editing and saving.

Open with “GIMP”

You can also open it with the free software “GIMP”.

However, after opening it, it will change from a vector image to a bitmap image, so you will not be able to make detailed edits to the logo or image.

Open with PDF (Acrobat Reader)

You can also open it by dragging and dropping it directly into Acrobat Reader.

When saving Illustrator, it must be saved as a PDF compatible file, so I think that you should try it to see if it can be opened.

Open in Google Drive

With recent Google Drive, you can directly see the contents of the ai file.

Google Drive is too amazing …! !!


The “ai” file usually requires an illustrator, but if you just want to check the contents, you can open it in various ways!

If you want to “edit” a file, it is still recommended to use Illustrator, so I think you should consider it!

I recommend illustrator! !!

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