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[Illustrator] What is your editing history? What is the history function? | How to undo / redo with Illustrator

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History function

“History” that allows you to save the operation and edit history in Photoshop and return to the state at that time. It’s a very useful feature, but isn’t it in Illustrator?

I can’t find the history function in Illustrator.

Is this a search demand? I think, but adobe’s official help does not come out easily, and an explanation of the history of Animate CC and Photoshop CC comes out. Perhaps it doesn’t come out because there is no description “No” …?

Cancel (Undo / Ctrl + Z)

However, there are “Cancel (Undo / Ctrl + Z)” and “Redo (Redo / Shift + Ctrl + Z)”.

It is difficult to go back a few steps at a stretch like the history of Photoshop, but since the editing history remains, you can go back by pressing and holding Ctrl + Z several times.

This is a cancellation, but you can increase the history limit.

How to increase the history limit

Edit → Preferences → Performance

Other → Number of cancellations

You can choose from 50, 100, and 200. (I think it’s hard to go back 200 times (^ ^; If you feel that the number of history is small, change the setting)

Please note that if you close the file, you will not be able to undo the edits.


There is no “history” like Photoshop, but I think “undo” is enough.

Also, if you close the file with confidence because it can be canceled, it will be irreversible, so be sure to back up the file, especially before rasterizing or outlining!

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