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[Google Apps Script] How to set multiple cc / bcc for GMail transmission

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Here’s how to send via Gmail.

GmailApp.sendEmail(mailto, subject, body, option)

GmailApp.sendEmail (
Destination address (to), email title, email body,
cc: Destination address (cc),
bcc: Destination address (bcc),
from: Source address (from),
noReply: false,
replyTo: reply address (replyTo),
name: From name

The value between “{” and “}” is optional and can be added freely.

For example
GmailApp.sendEmail (
“[From] test transmission”,
“This is a test email” {

If so, an email will be sent to, and will be included in cc.

How to set multiple cc / bcc

If you enter “cc:” in the option part and then concatenate with “,” (comma), you will be able to send them together as cc.

cc:’,, ‘

Only this! Now you can send cc all at once.

When I tested it, it seems that it arrives even if “,” follows the end of the word.


If you have a list of cc, it’s OK if you connect them with “, (comma)” like “= D2 &”, “& E2 &”, “& F2 …”!

It’s a little trick, but if you know it, you can use it, so please refer to it.
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