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[Introduction to EXCEL] Two methods to hide (hide) the cell with the value entered

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I want to hide the value from the screen while keeping the value in the cell with EXCEL.

This is a technique that can be used in such cases.

① Set the text color of the cell to “white”

It’s a simple idea, but if you set the text color of the cell to “white”, it will be the same color as the background color, so it will look like “not visible on the screen”.

It’s simple, but I recommend it.

② Use the trick of “Format cell”

You can also “hide cells” by formatting cells.

Select the cell you want to hide and press Ctrl + 1 to display the cell formatting.

Enter three “; (semicolon)” in the user definition.

Then, strangely, the cell value is hidden!

The value remains inside.

The user-defined cell formatting is

  • Positive
  • negative
  • 0 (zero)
  • String


  • The first “;” is positive
  • Negative before the second “;”
  • 0 before the third “;”
  • The character string after the third “;”

It is a rule.

Positive; negative; 0; character string

In other words, if only three semicolons are lined up with “;;;”, it means “nothing is displayed”.


It’s a little trick, but it’s useful to remember, so be sure to remember it.

Two ways to hide the apparent value of a cell
-Set the text color of the cell to “white”.
-Use “Format Cell”.

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