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[EXCEL] What to do if you want to convert all hyperlink destinations in a batch

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Hyperlink. .. ..

I moved the files in the hyperlink destination folder, and I can’t use the hyperlink …

But when I try to “replace” the hyperlink, I can’t …

You can’t change the search target to a value …

It seems that hyperlinks are not normally searched.

Use macros

Upon examination, it seems that macros need to be used to convert hyperlinks in bulk.

So I will borrow the VBA code and build a macro.


Sub Hyperlink replacement()
 Dim H As Hyperlink
 For Each H In Range("B1:B100").Hyperlinks
  H.Address = Replace(H.Address,
End Sub

Rewrite the contents in Range () and “” in Replace to the contents to be converted.


When I run it, nothing changes on the VBA screen, but when I check the EXCEL cell, the hyperlink is certainly changed! !!


If you are having trouble with batch conversion of hyperlinks, please try it because the application will be effective if you change the range of Range and the character string of Replace.

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